New York City’s passion for mid-century design is taking its peak making architects and designers hunt high and low for professional, knowledgeable and experienced mid-century modern furnishing companies. A good partner makes a huge difference through the whole design process, not to mention meeting the deadlines and justifying the client’s trust.

So when a high profile capital management firm based in New York City hired an architectural firm in New York to design their new conference room that was to be customized, experienced architects knew exactly what to do to realize the project with the best possible outcome.

They knew the value of an excellent partner and once again they turned to the Maxwell Blake team with whom they had accomplished many successful projects before.

The project included forty custom-made replicas of a mid-century classic- Designer Soft Pad Management chairs.

The Architect firm specified Spinneybeck leather for the finish so, although Maxwell Blake provides replicas of Designer chairs, the chairs needed to be of near comparable quality to the original ensuring that the cost of the Spinnebeck leather would be amortized over a long period of time. The mechanisms for the tilt, swivel and lift identical to that of the designer chair had to be practical, functional and durable. The padding had to be comfortable so that the user could comfortbaly address their work for a long time to come.

The original designer Soft Pad Management Chair is equipped with a suspension that creates a firm, flexible "sitting pocket" and it conforms subtly to the body shape while maintaining comfort. And none of these characteristics were to be left out in Maxwell Blake’s replicas.

Unexpected problems occurred with the leather delivery from USA through Hong Kong and into mainland China. Although Maxwell Blakes team has decades of experience with import and export of goods, getting the Spinneyback leather through Customs in China to Maxwell Blake`s factory for production incurred some obstacles.

The unexpected customs delay of several weeks for the leather questioned the opening day of the office, which was one of the client’s highest priority as well as Maxwell Blake’s team. Luckily, the customs broker made calls and found alternates to get the leather through to Maxwell’s production which managed to complete the chairs in record time ensuring that the deadline would be met. Maxwell’s trade sales representative was on the site to supervise the delivery and make sure everything was going smoothly for the end client. The chairs complemented an impressive Carrara marble top conference table and the final result was fantastic. The chairs made the focal point of the office, and beautiful patterned beige carpeting, matching curtains and soft grey paneled walls just uplifted the impression.

By hiring Maxwell Blake on this project, the client saved nearly $80,000 by using the replicas, and the final result exceeded his expectations. He was highly impressed by Maxwell Blake's project service, price, professionalism, quality, and expertise in mid-century modern office furniture.