This is our replica George Nelson petal clock. George Nelson's wall clocks typify the spirit of the early 1950s and, at the dawn of a new century, are still a refreshing alternative to more traditional timepieces. The replicas sold here were originally designed between 1948 and 1952 and some of them continued to be manufactured until the mid-1970s. Made of wood and metal, these re-editions mirror the original design so beloved of collectors right down to the smallest detail. Not only the clock's housing and its hands but also the way it has been constructed, finish and color are true to Nelson's original designs.

Clearly dividing time into four quarters, the Petal clock features a bold and colorful design with green, light blue, dark blue and orange backgrounds and unobtrusive hour markers. If bold color appeals, you'll appreciate this clock driven by a high quality Quartz movement (requiring only one AA battery; not included).

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Dimensions 20" x 2"
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This item is a replica. It is a reproduction of an original design.

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